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Searching for my soul- My First Blog Post

I have always been an idealist. I know what most of you will think – get real, get practical! This is actually the mantra that has been preached to me by multitude of people. To escape this pessimistic attitude, I have always immersed myself in writing, as no one really talked back to me then.

But truth be told, what started as an escape, turned into a beautiful relation with myself and my thoughts. Through my own reflection, I started learning the art of balancing my idealist views with that of the real world. Through this art of self conversation, I’m learning to deal with and find simple joys in this long journey called life.

Along this journey, I would love to gather more friends, with whom I can share and learn. Hence, although I am a very private person, I’m choosing to start this blog to pick soul-searching people like me along the way.



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