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Morning Dose of Happiness

You wake up in the morning to the blaring sound of your alarm. You snooze it, hoping to get few more minutes of bliss and paradise before you wake up to the mundane routine and reality of life. Waking up, the first thing you need is probably a cup of coffee or tea to jolt your senses and open your eyes.
That is how my day started. Like any other day, I woke up after a lengthy fight with my alarm where eventually my alarm won. I washed my face, and opened my front door to bright sunshine and to soak up some vitamin D. The sun was also still waking up and rising slowly, making me feel that we humans might not be the only beings who would wish a few more minutes of bliss. That is when I heard the sound which was literally music to my ears. “Woof!” It was Appu, a small puppy which was a recent addition to my neighbor’s family. I think it might be rare for any person in this world to remain unaffected by either a puppy or a baby.
“Woof!” came the call again. And it didn’t matter that I had to get ready for office, cook, do the dishes or clean up things. It all had to absolutely wait as I yielded to the call of the little ball of fur. I think they are completely aware of the effect they have on us, and use their charms to get everything that they want accomplished. As I ran towards the small bundle of energy, he got so excited that he began jumping and woofing and settled only after I started petting and loving him.
There’s something about being around a dog which brings immense pleasure to your state of mind. As I was petting Appu, tickling the underside of his belly- he rolled over with all his paws in air, tongue out and waiting for me to scratch his belly. He looked like he was in heaven. That small act was all it took to make him happy and he started playfully biting and jumping around. A little bit of love, absolute focus and some dedicated time was all he cared about. In return, he gave me his absolute attention and heaped me with his puppy love.
Needless to say- fifteen minutes of unconditional love later, I was refreshed beyond my imagination. Appu went on to seek more love and pampering from other kids in the neighborhood and they indulged him like a prince. For me though, those fifteen minutes got me through every small issue in the day with a smile on my face. I kept thinking about those fifteen minutes throughout the day and suddenly realized that it was like my morning dose of happiness.
Appu would probably never understand his significance in others life, but I believe every person might be having his or her own individual morning dose of happiness. It might be Yoga, jogging, laughter club, reading newspaper and for some people it might even be cooking or cleaning. Now imagine waking up and getting a cup of morning dose of happiness instead of your cup of coffee or tea. I guarantee you that you would be hooked to it for the rest of your life.

P.S. this article has been written long before the current lockdown situation in India..


3 thoughts on “Morning Dose of Happiness”

  1. Such a wonderful dose of happiness… I got reminded of mine…. Standing in front of Sun and doing the Surya namaskars is simply awesome 😊😊😊. That 30 mins of URJA from SURYADEV simply makes up your entire day…
    Nice post.. let the posts keep coming…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many people around us don’t realize what a morning can offer to us. Be that a beautiful flower nurtured by them or the morning newspaper which unknowingly becomes an integral part of their lives.
      This write up will definitely instil a sense of realization in every such being and hope they love and appreciate their dose of happiness.
      Good work Tanmayee and I hope to come across many such beautiful write ups from you!

      Liked by 1 person

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