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Lockdown ke side effects

The streets are 80% less crowded, only few essential shops are open and a lot of stray animals are being seen around everywhere. The lockdown 2.0 has currently gripped the entire nation.

It has been really strange, this lockdown scenario which has been prevalent in the last month or so. I don’t think anyone in today’s generation would ever have imagined – much less follow – not going to pubs, not having weekend parties, not going to movies; and these activities are just the tip of the iceberg. There has been a drastic reduction in cool Insta/ Facebook stories, no pictures of nomadic traveling by the hippies which gets us all jealous of being stuck in office-family-kids-responsibilities routine. I don’t think we have ever been this unified, seeing as we all are facing the same uncertainties, anxieties and fear in the current pandemic of COVID-19.

While on the one hand, we all, meaning the highly evolved, very intelligent species of Homo sapiens are lamenting this turn of events; Mother Earth on the other hand is celebrating. Less pollution, more wildlife, higher visibility, cleaner rivers and many other such stories of miracles are cropping up on our news channels. I personally feel that Mother Earth has waged a war against us humans, irrespective of religion, boundaries and countries; and it looks like she intends to win this war. All that we can do right now is take a step back, realise that the world is much bigger than us and our “man made issues” and the real need of the hour is to be grateful for all the resources provided by nature.

Having said that, I feel there might be a silver lining hidden in this ordeal. Over the last few weeks, majority of the people throughout the world have been able to spend an enormous amount of time with their families, something that would not have been possible under normal circumstances. Where we had become so habituated to ignoring any personal issues by running behind office work and our careers, it is now ironic that everyone is being forced to communicate and learn to live harmoniously. There is no place to escape anymore, and the only place we can go is inside our own head to improve ourselves through constant reflections. In a way, we have unknowingly been given a wonderful opportunity for personal progress. Let us all pledge ourselves to create a better world in future through all the lessons learnt today.

On a lighter note, let us also utilise this time to bring back our childhood innocence, play fun games, bond with each other and enjoy this vacation. As we are all aware, change is the only constant in life and in time this too shall pass.



3 thoughts on “Lockdown ke side effects”

  1. Well said, Every thing happens for a reason.

    Change is inevitable, but we must try embrace these persistent ups and downs and learn to thrive on this roller coaster of transaction.
    What does change looks exactly? It looks different on everyone, It is a huge challenge. It is suggested that we need to accept Go go with the flow situation.

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