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I have been in a dilemma for a while regarding what my next blog should be. While I had a multitude of topics lined up, none made me as happy as my furbaby, Caesar. Now most of you might think –oh great, another article on how dogs are the best! While that is partly true, let me also show you a different version of the same reality.

Imagine waking up to a beautiful dog wagging his tail, licking your face and greeting you lovingly in the morning. Well, that is so not the reality in our household. We are woken up by a 24 kg dog jumping up on our bed & walking all over us (not caring whether he treads our arms, legs or stomach btw) while mouthing our hand so that we pick ourselves up and take him on a walk. At such times, I am so grateful that my hubby is an early riser because I have been infamously known as ‘sleeping beauty’ since my school days (not so much as the beauty, but definitely for the sleeping slob that I am). At one point of time, me and my better half used to argue as to who would have to sleep on the outer side of the bed due to the morning terror that is Caesar. While this is extremely annoying early in the morning, it turns out to be really hilarious a couple hours later after we have fed ourselves and our bodies are fuelled up.

Moving onto our over zealous, hyperactive pup; it is sometimes unbelievable that our brat used to fit in the palm of our hands just a year ago. That was the time when we were mistakenly under the impression that how difficult would it really be to raise a dog? Well, we found out pretty soon, what with the torn mattress, torn leashes, bite marks during the teething phase that would scar us forever. He has kept us on our toes since the moment he has entered our lives and has etched himself firmly in our hearts in this process. Having him in my life has made me realise how much endurance and patience I have when things are absolutely out of my control.

I remember the torn mattress incident particularly well. My hubby had been out of town for few days and Caesar was maybe three months old then. I was sleeping out in the hall that day and I let Caesar out of his crate in the morning to stop him from whining too much. Well, while I slept on soundly -having spent half my night awake cleaning his potty and putting him to sleep; I remember Caesar kept on pawing me to wake up and show something that he had in his mouth. When I finally woke up all groggy with sleep and went in search of my brat, I found him in the bedroom -my mattress torn, cotton fluff lying out & him just sitting there with a devil may care attitude. That is when I nicknamed him ‘my little monster’ and I’m proud to say he continues to live up to his name even today.

The little monster (this bean bag is torn now, btw)

P.S. For all of you for whom this article brought even a teeny tiny smile on your face, and would like to see the torn mattress, please check out Caesar’s Instagram handle @caesar_goldenlab. Like, comment and follow; and if you would like more such hilarious episodes do let me know.


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