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Assistant Head Girl? Umm, not really sure..

Today, one of my oldest and closest friend messaged me on Whatsapp, “Hey, need some help. Do you remember who was the Assistant Head Girl and Assistant Head Boy in our 9th std?” And I was like, “I don’t remember the Assistant Head Boy, but I think I was the Assistant Head Girl, though I don’t know for sure. Let me check.” Hilarious right?! Anyhow, this led me to rummage through all my old treasures- my slam books, diaries, small snippets that friends had given me, old greeting cards. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I finally decided to call up the one person who would surely remember my achievements- my mom. She did confirm that I was the Assistant Head Girl, but she couldn’t remember the Assistant Head Boy either.

Having already opened up my treasure trove, it was but obvious that this was how I would be spending my afternoon. Going through my old diaries, I discovered that almost every page that I had written was about my friends – what we did through the day, fights that we had, what I said, what he/she said, hoping that the fights would be over soon. Some pages have been dedicated to sibling rivalries, arguments with parents during the teenage ‘rebel’ phase. While my diaries are all filled with my teenage problems; I found out that my slam books on the other hand, are the real ‘Sunshine’ books. They are all filled with people saying how good and cute I am, what a great friend I am along with things like you have the cutest dimples and I will never forget you. Reading it, you would really feel that there is not a single flaw in me, and I must be the greatest person on this earth. I am pretty sure I have also written similar things in their books. While I was laughing at all the innocence of that age, it also striked me that I remembered every person that had contributed as a ray to this ‘sunshine’ book. I was surprised, considering I had maybe just 8-10 friends who were really close to me. What amazed me even more was that while I wasn’t sure if I was the Assistant Head Girl, I still remembered all the good times that I have spent with my friends. It goes on to show that the people in your life- whether past, present or future- is what you will be taking with you in your old age, and not the posts you hold in multiple stages of life. It does not mean that your career/achievements are not important; just that it would not give you the stability, the confidence or the moral support that the people in your life can.

I have been very lucky to have had and still have such great friends in my life. They have been through thick and thin with me and stood by my side throughout the years. I remember my grandpa saying, “You have an amazing set of friends.” when they had come over for my engagement ceremony. Whenever I feel really low, under appreciated or struggling with my self confidence, I often think about them and their unconditional love for me along with their unwavering faith that I could accomplish anything. I won’t lie, I am not in regular touch with majority of them- except for the occasional messages on Whatsapp. While my hubby is amazing at keeping in touch with his friends over regular phone calls; I on the other hand am lousy at maintaining contact, having always had a love-hate relation with my phone and social media.

So, while life goes on- with a multitude of responsibilities as usual, my friends along with my family, are the ones who come to my mind when I think about the people closest to my heart. Sunday afternoons like today, spent in their memories are like the summer vacations that we used to spend during school time. I dedicate this post to all the people who have lost touch with their friends over the years, but carry them in their heart constantly.


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